The heart of Palavas

Discover its history

Stroll in the heart of the city

A fishing village

The architecture of the narrow and double storey dwellings is proof of these fishing families who lived here.

With its Mediterranean alleys, its Southern scented markets, the menus of the restaurants announcing the specialties by the sea, Palavas is the image of a typical town of the Midi, with the unique combination of friendliness and epicurean products and good life in every way.

palus avis

The swamp bird


6 224

Nom des habitants



2,38 km2 

Water area



7 km 


158 m > 1,38 km


0 m > 3 m 

The Peak: Mediterranean Lighthouse

37 m 

Mediterranean climate

Main winds

The Tramontana (NW) – the Mistral(N) – The Grec (E) – The Labech(S) – The Leban (SE)

A story of men

Fishing profession

Salute the determination of these men attached to the profession of their fathers who practiced traditional and sustainable fishing on the coastal strip and lagoons. In these ponds, fishermen have managed to maintain certain ancestral and traditional fishing methods. At sea, their fishing is respectful and selective thanks to the use of fixed nets with large meshes.


Maritime traditions

Catalan boats

In the olden days, these sturdy wooden boats with traditional Latin rigging were used for fishing. Today, lovingly restored and painted in shimmering colours, they can be admired  along the pier and at the marina. An old local saying: “If you don’t know me, don’t knock me …” – If you don’t know me, don’t touch me …

Sports traditions

Languedoc jousting

It is a practice specific to the fishing communities in Languedoc, a strong symbol of the identity of each town. As in the days of knights, valiant competitors clash, bulwark and spears in hand. Here, their proud steeds are replaced by boats, painted red and blue. In Palavas, from mid-June to early September, attend a weekly event on the canal (training or tournament).