The place to be

Enjoy the sun

In Palavas

Wide beaches

of fine, sun-kissed sand

The beach to be !

Elected as the favourite beach and Sunday stroll of several generations of Hérault people, the Palavas of the 21st century has adapted to today’s requirements.

  • All the necessary comfort and safety equipment,
  • A wide range of leisure activities… On the sand, in the water, on the water, under the water…
  • For our greatest happiness and yours!

 « Hapiness is here! »

« Dear Mother,

We have now arrived in Palavas and I would like to give you the first news. Rest assured, we were on time for the train. The villa where we are staying is on the right bank, but we are spending most of our time on the beach where Mary is having a good time. Lena will join us at the end of the week. Good kisses. »

This is how Emilia, my great-grandmother, expressed herself on a sepia-coloured postcard dated 1910.