Feel the beat of the 4 seasons

Four Seasons

La douceur

du Printemps

Meeting up with the sweetness of life

Nature awakens in the parks, on the beach, by the ponds. The season is ideal for bike rides, long walks in the parks and for sunbathing on the beach. The reflections of the setting sun on the water already heralds the warm season. On the festive side, the Nautical flea market, Familles en fête, the Feria de la Mer, the Carnival or even the Sea Urchin Festival gives the “get ready, go”.

monthly average temperatures (°C):

March: max 17 °, min 6 °

April: max 19 °, min 9 °

May: max 23 °, min 13 °

The pleasures

of Summer

The heat is here!


 During the day, the beach is the meeting point for sports tournaments, sandcastle competitions and nautical activities; the sails celebrate the sea.

In the evening, the volume rises near the arena with bullfighting shows and concerts by renowned artists that punctuate the course of summer. The funfair is the highlight of the town. Street shows follow one another on the pier and the squares. In turn the canal comes alive with traditional jousting tournaments.

And fireworks end the day under an illuminated sky, after the jousting tournament.

Average monthly temperatures (°C):

June: max 27 °, min 16 ° 

July: max 30 °, min 19 °

August: max 29 °, min 19 °

La magie

de l’Automne

At the end of September,

the summer season ends with the Autumn Feria, which revives the traditions of the south: great release of bulls on the beach, shows in the arenas, bodegas …

Autumn announces events every weekend with fairs and exhibitions of all sorts. The  Salle Bleue awakens with 3 sessions of theatrical performances and comedy shows.

In terms of activities, the late season still offers the opportunity to stroll along the canals and do a spot of fishing. Autumn is the real season to discover the heart of the village, the history and the fishermen’s houses. A journey to the Cathedral of Maguelone where you will discover an almost thousand-year-old site …

Average monthly temperatures (°C):

September: max 25 °, min 15 °

October: max 21 °, min 12 °

November: max 16 °, min 7 °

La féerie

de l’Hiver

Winter fairyland

The Christmas Village constitutes the core of the end-of-year festivities, supplemented by the famous Christmas swim and to round off the New Year’s Eve gala menu, orchestra and Parisian dancers.

Many museums are places of refuge ideal for combining culture, fun and family outings … Not to forget the Nautilus cinema and the media library which offer a programme suitable for children (but not only!).

Average monthly temperatures (°C):

December: max 12 °, min 4 °

January: max 12 °, min 3 °

February: max 14 °, min 4 °

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