Car and train museum


For miniature cars fans

A tribute to the “Little train of Palavas”

A true witness to the development of our town, the Car and Train Museum pays tribute to the “Little Train of Palavas” by hosting one of the authentic locomotives that transported the locals for almost a century until the late 60’s and summer visitors from Montpellier to the resort.

This remnant of the past, renovated as thousands of passengers knew it at the time, plunges us into the heart of history. Take the time to carefully observe the wooden interior of the cars, the line of benches, close your eyes and imagine the rattling of the wheels sliding on the rails and the deafening snoring of steam engines … The moment is unique.

The role of miniature cars

A few steps from the train, a new journey back in time with the exhibition of a collection of more than 5,000 legendary vehicles in scale models. In total, 45 showcase windows the miniature car, presenting old and rare pieces as well as newer models. Reproductions of prestigious brands like Ferrari, Bugatti, Mercedes or even Rolls Royce including the creations of famous manufacturers like Norev, Medailler Franklin, Dinky Toys will delight young and old, curious visitors and great amateurs …


Informations & Tarifs


Free parking at the main entrance to the park and nearby car parks. Pedestrian access through the Levant park.

›5 € / adult

›€ 3.50 / student and group

›€ 2.50 / person in a school group + € 30 (support and guided tour)

€ 3.50 / Holders of the civil disability card

€ 3.50 / Residents of the Pays de l’Or agglomeration community


Free admittance 

Ticket validity: 7 days from the date of issue

Free special days


Heritage days organised nationally annually in September on a Saturday and a Sunday

European Museum Night (once a year)


Children and teenagers up to 19 years of age (ID card, passport)

Palavasians (Supporting documents less than 3 months old)

Job seeker (proof of less than 3 months)

Visitor with the Pass Pro Hérault card (valid)

Loyalty card to the Palavas culture

Where to find Information?



+33 (0) 4 67 07 73 67